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AI Australia is a professional app and web development company with real experience. We're passionate about the quality of implementation and the team that makes it happen. Life's too short to make bad apps!

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Located in Melbourne, Australia, our single goal is to execute well thought-out ideas, in the most innovative ways - Never Compromise Quality. We love working with well known brands like Nickelodeon & Monash Health , as well as creative start-ups such as Eddy & Arcade - Making apps that matter .

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For any app to succeed, you'll need a business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile development team. Good news - you're in the right place. In a world full of apps we don't just settle for good... we shoot for amazing, and that's where we can take you - if you’re ready.


AIA specialises in the highest class of mobile apps - iOS, Android & Windows Mobile. Impressive websites and high performance server architecture complete the perfect user experience

IOS Strategy

Compared to Android, iOS offers higher revenue per capita and greater user retention. If your business relies on early revenue or targets first adopters - iOS is favourable.


Android is the largest mobile platform on Earth with just over 1 billion users. If your app depends on reaching a critical mass of users quickly, build for Android too!


We're in the world of web, and we love making it beautiful. Well made websites have a huge impact on conversions - don't settle for anything but the best.


Gamification is one of the best ways to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. Having a high attention to detail when designing, animating and implementing this is imperative.


Gmail is a great example of a web app, it's as interactive as an app yet able to run on more devices. It does however have limitations and may not support all features. Most popular products today also have a web application variant.


Despite requiring a lot more thought and anticipation for requirements such as security, management and maintenance - large scale app development is a lot easier when breaking everything down and taking a step back.

We're a battle-tested team of mobile rockstars. We work with cool clients on projects that excite us. We don't settle for anything but the best - and neither should you when it's time to choose your tech partner.


Meet the people that brought together our perfect blend of designers, engineers, developers, marketers, analysts, strategists, mad scientists and above all else — app adventurers

Paul Roberts

Peter Depuit

Adam Rothschild

James Roy


We make awesome mobile apps - explore our portfolio. Get to know more about the work we do for a diverse range of clients from cool Startups to well known Brands. Here’s a look at some of our favorite work.


Monash Health

Living Legacy



Marco Polo

Athlete Management Platform

Roster Bubble

Jay Piggin


Marco Polo

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